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Founded in 2007, 1337x gained popularity in 2016, accompanied by a site redesign for a modern look and additional features, hinting at a promising future. Its sleek, minimalist, user-friendly design enhances the browsing experience. The name of 1337x resembles an informal language or code used on the internet, in which standard letters are often replaced by numerals or special characters (leet - shortened eleet).

The site offers a straightforward layout typical of torrent websites. Searching for terms like "free movies" yields a list of relevant torrent files categorized by seed-to-leech ratio. Exploring trending and popular torrents simplifies the discovery of new free indie music. However, an improvement would be the addition of a direct magnet link option in search results.

1337x accepts Bitcoin donations and prominently displays the most popular torrents on its homepage, overall and within content categories.

It has earned its place among popular torrent sites, offering a reliable source for diverse content.